Visual Basic 6.0

Choice Selection

21/09/2010 16:39
  Very often when you visit a website, you are presented with a list of choices for you to select which you like to receive info related to those choices. Choice selection can easily be programmed in Visual Basic, the control involved is the check box. The status of the check box is either...

Creating VB database applications using ADO control

21/09/2010 16:38
we have learned to build VB database applications using data control. However, data control is not a very flexible tool as it could work only with limited kinds of data and must work strictly in the Visual Basic environment. To overcome these limitations, we can use a much more powerful data...

Database Application

21/09/2010 16:36
Database application can be created using data control. The data control support some methods that are useful in manipulating the database, for example, to move the pointer to a certain location. The following are some of the commands that you can use to move the pointer...

BMI Calculator

21/09/2010 16:35
  A lot of people are obese now and it could affect their health seriously . Obesity has proven by the medical experts to be a one of the main factors that brings many adverse medical problems, including the the heart disease.   If your BMI is more than 30, you are considered obese....

A Smart Audio Player

21/09/2010 16:34
This player enable you to play midi and wave files in your hard drives or floppy A or CDROM. It allows you to change drives and search for the particular sound file that you wish to play. In this program, you have to add a Combo box, a List Box, a Text Box, a Drive List Box, a command button you...

A Drawing Program

21/09/2010 16:32
    I uses a common dialog box here to perform some of the jobs which could be difficult to perform . In this program, a user have to fill in all the coordinates and choose a color before he can proceed to draw the required shape. If one forget to fill in the coordinates or choose a...

A Passwords Cracking Program

21/09/2010 16:31
This Visual Basic program is a passwords cracker where it can generate possible passwords and compare each of them with the actual password; and if the generated password found to be equal to the actual password, login will be successful. In this program, a...

Simple Slot Machine

21/09/2010 16:30
  This is a simple slot machine which does not resemble the real machines played in a casino. However, it does demonstrate the concept of randomness and probability in an actual slot machine. Slot machines is a game of chance , many different outcomes will appear when the player press the play...


21/09/2010 16:26
This program is very similar to VB slot machine  but I have added a timer and a subprogram to create the animation effect. Further, I have added the Multimedia control to produce the sound effects. I have downloaded two slot machine wave files from the Internet and use them to simulate the...

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