Student Admission Project--- Visual Basic & Vb.Net

Visual Basic Is An Ideal Programming Language For Devloping Sophisticated Professional Application For Microsoft Windows. It Takes Use Of User Interface For Creating Rodust And Powerful Aplication.Graphical User Interface As The Name Suggests Uses Illustration For Text, Which Enable User To Interact With An Application . This Features Makes It Easier To Comprehed Things In A Quicker And Easier Way.
Coding In G.U.I. Is Quite A Traditional ,Linear Programming Method Where The Ueser Is Guided Through A Linear Path Of Execution And Limited To A Small Set Of Operation . “VISUAL” Refers To The Method Used To Create Graphical User Interface That Uses Illustration Rather Then The Numerous Lines Of Codes To Describe The Apperance,Funtion And Location Of Interface Elements.In A G. U. I. Envioronment , The Number Of Operation Open To The User Is Much Greater. Allowing More Freedom To The User And The Developer. Features Such As Easier Comprehension, User Friendlines, Faster Application Development And Many Other Aspects Such As Introduction To Active X Tecnology And Internet Features Make Visual Basic An Interesting Toll To Work With.
  Visual Basic Was Developed From The Basic Programming Language. In The 1970’s Microsoft Started Developing Rom Based Interpreted Basic For The Early Microprocessor Based Computers. In 1982, Microsoft Quickbasic Revoluationized.
  BASIC And Was Legitimized As A Serious Devolopment Language For MS-DOS Enviornment. Later On,Microsoft Corporation Created The Enhanced Version Of BASIC Called Visual Basic For Windows.
  Learning V B Like Any New Language Is A Little Like Watching Baby Learn To Speak.At First Nothing Make Sense But After A While, A Few Wards Emerge From The Background Chatter. Slowly At First Then More Quickly , Phrases & Then Sentences Are Formed From Words We Have Newly Mastered. Then Only Day We Realized That What Was An Incomprehensible Stream Or Nonsense Sound Has Become Perfectly Understandable Conversation.GraphicalUser Interface (G U I) Has Changed Microcomputer


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