Library Management- VB6 & Vb.Net

The entitled system �Library Management System� is developed for any of the library outside the world. This system basically involved handling of books, magazines, novels, and legendaries. And one can maintain the library in a well manner. Anyone who owns the library can manage his/her library very easily by using my project as well as any institute, college, organization or university which is having its own library can maintain the record of the books as well as students. My project contains the information of books and the students to whom these books are issued. It also contain other information of students such as his/her name, roll no, branch and year in which he/she is studding. It also contains the title of the book, its issue date and the date on which when the book will be issued. If the student gets let for issue the book it will also calculate the fine that will be paid by the student. The fine will take Rs.2 a day.


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